The Houston Media-LAB was a speculative library concept that hosts itself in our current digital society. Removing the abundance of library stacks and endless print media, our design intends to host a variety of media sources, ranging from visual, auditory, tactile, and other innovative communicative technologies.

The primary design relies upon a lightweight steel space frame to support the exterior boundaries of the form. A secondary cladding is added acting as a secondary skin with varying levels of perforation responding to the conditions required in various parts of the building.

Developmental Parti Diagram

Serving the public our ground floor hosts a large gathering space, cafe and auditorium that sits an excess of 250 persons.

The second level houses digital fabrication tools and accessible services such as an integrated IT service that ensures our building will remain a front-runner of the digital realm.

Third floor is our ‘Black Box’ broadcasting services that allow for film, music and live action productions, as well as television and radio broadcasts.

Our top floor intends to tie the public realm back into the program by inviting guests to the ever changing gallery space, that will host semi-permanent and temporary art exhibitions that will feature prestigious works as well as spot-lighting local artists and designers.


  • Date F15

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